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Updated message from the Mayor regarding gatherings

For those community members curious as to the policy/procedure in place for gatherings and the regulations on the size of gatherings (say family dinners or celebrations), here is a message and an updated flyer from our Senior Lead Office. Our SLO says that when LAPD Officers are dispatched to calls, …

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Beat the Heat! Visit a Cooling Center.

Beat the heat this weekend at City of LA cooling centers! Temperatures this Labor Day weekend are predicted to be as high as 112 degrees in parts of Los Angeles! You’re invited to beat the heat this weekend, at one of the cooling centers that the Dept of Recreation & …

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Eviction Protections for residential renters in City of LA

No changes for Eviction Protections for residental renters in City of LA. Residential renters in the City of LA: you cannot be evicted right now, if you can’t pay your rent due to illness, loss of work, or other COVID-related circumstances. As of September 1, that will not change. However, …

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Mosquito Season

Mosquitoes can transmit debilitating diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya. This LA vector control website has helpful solutions for reducing mosquitoes in your home.

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