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Board Members and Officers

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Board Officers

PresidentRana Sharif
Vice President, Outreach & CommunicationKelly Sooter
Vice President, AdministrationAbby Bailes
TreasurerJoe Lowell
SecretaryYi Ding

Board Members

At Large #1(2023)Glen Wilson
At-Large #2 (2023)Kelly Sooter
At-Large #3 (2023)Gail Lapaz
At-Large #4 (2023)Yi Ding
At Large #5 (2023)Rana Sharif
At Large #6 (2023)Jennifer Talhelm-Krowne
At Large #7 (2021)Peter Lasky
At Large #8 (2021)Joe Lowell
At Large #9 (2021)Bill Fox
At Large #10 (201)Pamela Bolin
At Large #11 (2021)Josue Toscano
Community Interest Stakeholder 1 (2023)Abby Bailes
Community Interest Stakeholder 2 (2021)Kathleen Edwards

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