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Ad Hoc Committees

The 8 standing committees are contained in Article VII, Section 1 of the bylaws. Section 2 authorizes the creation of ad hoc committees “as needed to deal with temporary issues.” At the present time the ad hoc committees are: Standing Rules, Government Affairs, Grievance, Business, Public Safety, Strategic Planning, Tampa Median, Disaster Preparedness and CSUN Parking

2015 Ad Hoc Committee Agendas
June June 4, 2015 Agenda
March March 5, 2015 Agenda
2014 Ad Hoc Committee Agendas
May May 19, 2014 Agenda
January January 7, 2014 AgendaJanuary 21, 2014 Agenda
2012 Ad Hoc Committee Agendas
May May 16, 2012 Agenda
2010 Ad Hoc Committee Agendas
January January 5, 2010 Agenda