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  • Congratulations to Beckford PTA, recipients of the NWNC Certificate of Acknowledgement.

  • Recent Clean Ups in NWNC (After)

  • Recent Clean ups in NWNC (Before)

  • Recent Clean Ups in NWNC (After)

  • Recent Clean ups in NWNC (Before)

  • NWNC Co-Sponsors a Community Paper Shredding Event

  • Community Members Line Up in their Cars to drop off their papers for shredding.

  • NWNC recognizes Northridge Christian Church for their service to the community.

  • Pat LoPresti is recognized for over 20 years of service to the Northridge community.

  • Joy Krauthammer has served as Neighborhood Watch Captain for her neighbors for decades.

  • Northridge West celebrates a job well done with Clean Sweep LA volunteers

  • Northridge West organizes Clean Sweep LA

  • Northridge West at Disaster Preparedness Fair

  • Learning about disaster preparedness

  • Congress of Neighborhood Councilis - NWNC Board

  • Disaster Preparedness Fair

  • Disaster Preparedness Fair

  • CD 12 Councilman Election Town Hall

  • National Night Out

  • Granada Hills Street Fair

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Watch the Volunteers Cleaning Communities Video

“VOLUNTEERS CLEANING COMMUNITIES,” (VCC) is a grassroots local organization headed by Jill Mather whose programs reach out to the public to Volunteer their time to help CLEAN-UP THEIR COMMUNITY.  We invite you to watch the Video courtesy of Mark Hovater and see what these great volunteers are accomplishing. (For more …

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Free Water Conservation Items from DWP

LADWP has free water conservation devices to help you save money and water in your home. Items available for free include: 1.0 and 0.5 gallon per minute (gpm) bathroom faucet aerators, 1.3 gpm kitchen faucet aerators, and 1.5 gpm showerheads. You can pick up these free items at any one …

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