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Sanitation Survey

Department of Sanitation is currently collecting data in order to gain a better understanding of the root cause of cleanliness issues in the City, and to better understand the expectations businesses and residents have of the Department. Individual survey responses are anonymous and will be used to create an effective …

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Will Citywide Wi-Fi Cause Cancer?

Citywide Wi-Fi was the topic of our January 12, 2016 meeting. Subject matter specialist Kevin Mottus was our speaker. He presented results of studies on the health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RFR) from cell towers, cell phones and Wi-Fi devices. This technology has spread rapidly with little thought to …

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Los Angeles Cuts Water Use by 13% in One Year; Exceeds Mayor Garcetti’s Challenge

Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that Los Angeles has met and surpassed his first benchmark goal of 10 percent water reduction by July 1, 2015. The City has rallied in response to the historic drought and has achieved a significant milestone in Mayor Garcetti’s water reduction plan as outlined by …

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Half the People in LA to Ditch their Cars? It’ll Happen, Insists Mayor

Mayor Eric Garcetti released a long-range plan multibillion dollar plan, including bikesharing and solar panels, to get Los Angeles green. Mayor Eric Garcetti released a long-range plan today that lays out his goals for making the city more economically and environmentally sustainable, including adding electric car charging outlets and bikeshare …

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Mayor’s Message 01.28.2015

Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), and the U.S. Department of Commerce announced today that the first annual National Aerospace Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Exposition will be held in Los Angeles. This is the first stand-alone FDI event in the United States co-sponsored by the …

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