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Community Traffic Alerts and Links to Traffic Safety Resources

LAPD and LADOT have provided us with Community Alerts and Resources to share with our stakeholders.   Click on the links to find lots of helpful safety information as well as a live map of High Injury Network streets.



The following links are for LAPD traffic groups, allied agencies and non-profits with traffic and child safety information and resources.

Traffic Group — LAPD Online
Traffic Group oversees the organization function of all traffic divisions and is responsible for specialized traffic related duties

LADOT’s live map of the High Injury Network (HIN) streets:  The High-Injury Network (HIN) represents 6% of city streets (over 450 miles) that account for 70% of deaths and severe injuries for people walking. LADOT focuses comprehensive safety improvements on a subset of the HIN where the highest concentrations of traffic deaths and severe injury crashes occur, represented by the Priority Corridors and Intersections.

Traffic Safety Resources — LAPD Online

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