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Peter Lasky Awarded Certificate of Appreciation

The Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC) would like to recognize outstanding locals who are caring for our wonderful community by serving our neighbors.  Northridge West exists to serve our neighbors and to encourage our local citizens to take actions that promotes a happier and healthier Northridge West Community for all.  At the October 12, 2021, NWNC General Board Meeting, we will recognize Mr. Peter Lasky – our most recent recipient of the Northridge West Certificate of Recognition.

Mr. Peter Lasky served on the Northridge West Neighborhood Council from 2013-2021, including being elected as President three times, twice as VP, and once term as Secretary.  During his term, Mr. Lasky started the Homelessness Committee, helped coordinate Town Halls on Sober Living Homes, Health Effects of the SoCal Gas Leak, and CD 12 Council Seat elections. He also presided over revisions of bylaws, arranged for purchase and installation of Neighborhood Watch Signs, sponsored free CPR First Aid Class for NWNC stakeholders, and had a drip system installed on the Tampa Median. The NWNC won several awards from VANC and DONE under his leadership. Thank you, Mr. Lasky for your service to Northridge West.

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