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Congratulations to Northridge Christian Church

The Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC) would like to recognize outstanding locals who are caring for our wonderful community by serving the common good. Northridge West exists to serve our neighbors and to encourage our local citizens to take actions that promote a happier and healthier Northridge West Community for all.

At the May 2021 General Board Meeting, we will recognize Elder Ric Say and the Northridge Christian Church as our latest recipients of the Northridge West Certificate of Recognition.  The Northridge Christian Church has graciously hosted the monthly Board Meetings of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC), as needed, for nearly ten years. Prior to the restrictions that moved our public meetings from physical locations onto Zoom, the Northridge Christian Church offered its sanctuary space, chairs and facilities to the anyone who wanted to attend the NWNC meetings. These meetings required set up and clean up that the church faithfully provided free of charge. The meetings often went late, as we discussed pressing matters, and the Northridge Christian Church remained open despite the inconvenience to their staff.

The NWNC appreciates Elder Ric Say and the Northridge Christian Church for their dedication and willingness to serve their neighbors by providing a space for public meetings.

Thank you!

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