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Paving on Lassen


As a result of COVID-19 and the Safer at Home order, StreetsLA is taking this opportunity to pave and sweep major streets through our new Adjusted Deployment to Accelerate Paving in High Traffic Corridors (ADAPT) program. This program is happening in your neighborhood.

Lassen St from Wilbur Ave to Tampa Ave starting on May 20th

The ADAPT program is a StreetsLA initiative announced by Mayor Garcetti on April 10th to take advantage of the reduced traffic on otherwise busy commercial streets resulting from the Safer at Home order.

Because there are more cars in residential areas due to relaxed parking enforcement and fewer cars in commercial zones like Downtown LA, Hollywood, Eagle Rock, and Studio City, we are repairing what is normally high traffic streets during the Safer at Home order so that you are not battling longer traffic because of street closures for repairs when the Safer at Home order ends.

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