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Vote in Northridge West Elections May 4

Vote May 4

Please come vote on May 4, 10am-2pm at Nobel Middle School. We have eight candidates running for six seats.

Candidate Pictures and Statements

Certified Candidate List


Candidate Registration is Closed

If you are a Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC) stakeholder with a passion for our community, we strongly encourage you to run for one of the 7 seats up for election on the NWNC Board this year. Board members can make a lasting impact on important community matters that are before any of our committees, which include:
A. Community Beautification
B. Public Safety & Traffic
C. Sustainability
D. Homelessness Solution
E. Land Use
F. Others

NWNC 2019 Elections – Questions & Answers

The NWNC Elections will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019, between 10 AM and 2 PM. The NWNC is working closely with the City Clerk’s office and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) to make sure that YOU – our stakeholder – has all the information and assistance you need to vote and/or run for one of the open seats on the NWNC Board. This Special Edition email is dedicated to the elections, and we hope it will prove useful to you. Much of the information herein was taken directly from the following City websites:


If you have any question about the elections that is not answered here, please contact us with your question, and we will do our best to include it in future communications.

Q1: Who can participate in the Neighborhood Council elections?

A: Neighborhood Council elections are inclusive and are not limited to US citizens or legal US residents. Even if you are undocumented or were formerly incarcerated, you can vote and/or serve on the Board. However, candidates and voters must meet the minimum age requirement. For the NWNC, the minimum age requirement to be a voter or a candidate is 18 years.

Q2: Who qualifies as a NWNC candidate or voter?

A: Any NWNC stakeholder can be a voter or a candidate. NWNC stakeholders are those who live, work, own property, own a business, or are community interest stakeholders within the NWNC boundaries. “Community Interest Stakeholders” as those who have and can affirm a substantial ongoing involvement within the NWNC community. Examples of community interest stakeholders include students or parents of students at local schools, members of local churches and other religious organizations, or those who are regular volunteers at a local non-profit organization.

A: There is some confusion in the community about the NWNC Boundaries. Per the City’s NC maps and our by-laws, the NWNC covers the part of the City of Los Angeles south of the 118-freeway to Nordhoff St. between Reseda Blvd. from the East, and Corbin Ave. from the West. While some areas south of the 118-freeway use “Porter Ranch” as the City designation for postal services, they are included the NWNC boundaries. A map of all the City’s Neighborhood Councils can be found here.

thumbnail of Northridge-West-Neighborhood-Council-Map

Q4: How can I register to become a NWNC candidate?

A: The NWNC candidate registration for the 2019 elections is now open but will close on February 19, 2019. You can register as a candidate at the City Clerk elections website here. When you go to the site, follow the instructions to create a candidate log-in account and upload your qualifying documentation. Be prepared to upload your photograph to the site so voters can recognize you when they visit the City’s elections page to see the list of registered candidates. After you complete your registration, you will receive an email notification from the City certifying your candidacy within three business days.

Neighborhood Council Candidate Information Guide

NWNC Election Timeline

See Who’s Running

Q5: What documentation do I need to register as a NWNC candidate?

A: To register as a NWNC candidate, you need to provide proof of your identity and stakeholder qualification. This may require one or two documents, depending on the stakeholder type. For example, if you are a resident within the NWNC boundaries, you may simply provide a photo ID that lists your name and address. If your qualification criterion is that you work within the NWNC boundaries, you may need to provide both your photo ID and an additional document, like a pay-stub, to show proof that you work locally and that your employer is located within the NWNC boundaries. You can find detailed descriptions of the acceptable documents under all qualifying criteria at this link.

For other qualifying criteria questions, you can call the City Clerk Elections hotline at (213) 978-0444 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (excluding City holidays).

Q6: Where will the NWNC elections be held?

A: The NWNC elections will be held at the Northridge Christian Church 18901 Chatsworth Street Northridge, CA 91326. The church is at the corner of Wilbur Avenue and Chatsworth St.

Q7: I don’t want to become a candidate, but I want to vote. What do I need to do?

A: As a voter, please make sure you are informed about the various candidates, and then vote on May 4. The City Clerk elections website includes a complete list of NWNC 2019 candidates, and will be updated whenever a new candidate files her or his candidacy and the filing is approved by the City. On voting day, make sure you bring with you your stakeholder qualifying documentation. Details about the acceptable documentation can be found in this document.

Q8: During the most recent NWNC elections, I registered to vote online. Can I do that this year?

A: No. In 2016, the NWNC had the option of online voting. The City did not give us this option for this election year. Voters just need to come to the polling place and bring with them the proper qualifying documents to vote.

Q9: Where can I find additional information about the registered candidates?

A: At the City Clerk’s elections website, you can subscribe to receiving NC related updates via email. In addition, the NWNC will schedule a Candidate Forum to give our voters the chance to hear directly from the candidates and ask them questions.

Q10: I am thinking about running. What would be expected of me on the Northridge West Neighborhood Council?

A: Board members are expected to spend 8 hours per month or more to attend our board and other meetings, participate in NWNC sponsored events, and serve on at least one Board committee that works on community issues.

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