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LAPD Chief Moore Speaks to Northridge

October 10, 2018 the newly appointed Los Angeles Police Department’s Chief, Michel Moore, spoke at California State University, Northridge, along with LAPD Kris Pitcher, the department’s bureau chief for the San Fernando Valley.

NWNC President Pamela Bolin with Chief Kris Pitcher and Glenn Bailey

Students, professors, SBS faculty, alumni and community members were in attendance to hear them speak.

“We’re trying to build trust externally [with the community],” said Moore, who succeeded former Chief Charlie Beck as the LAPD’s 57th chief. Moore joined the department as a 21-year-old in 1981. “We’re in a pretty good spot, but we can get better. Partly, it’s listening. Partly, it’s giving people a voice — and feeling that they have a say. As a chief, I intend to be an honest and transparent person.

The Oct.10th program at CSUN was moderated by CSUN alumnus Josh Rubenstein.

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