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Vineyards at Porter Ranch Under Construction

News from Mitchell Englander

I am excited to watch The Vineyards at Porter Ranch come to life. This is the culmination of over a decade of collaboration on the part of the developer, Council Office, and community. Throughout the last several years, we worked hard to develop this concept of a lifestyle center for the community to gather and not just another shopping center.

This project is custom tailored to be the heart of Porter Ranch and will create needed jobs, include desirable living space, and be a beautiful addition to our community. When completed, The Vineyards at Porter Ranch will feature a large central town green, an outdoor terrace overlooking the town green with a thoughtful walkable design, a 4,000 square foot community room, and a multi-use “Main Street” that can be closed to vehicle traffic for pedestrian-oriented special events.

Thank you to Shapell, Liberty, and the Porter Ranch community for working with my office in bringing this vision to fruition.

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