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Median Topiary Permits Pending

Median News

What’s happening with the 3 topiary horses that the council has working on for so long?

On April 10 the City Landscape Architecture Department approved our design and location for placement of 3 Topiary horses on the first median South of the 118 Freeway. It remains to be seen if there will be any additional hurdles before we receive permits from the Bureau of Public Works Engineering Department and work can actually be started. Once approved the planting should go quickly. The big question is well we get the approvals before our funding is shut off by the city?

Here is a short timetable of how we’ve gotten to this point:

9/12/17 The NWNC approves the project and application to adopt the median.
10/5/17 Application with letters of endorsement from Councilmen Englander, budget, pictures, maps are submitted to the office of Community Beautification.
4/10/18 Approval by Bureau of Public Works, Landscape Architects is approved and sent back to Office of Community Beautification.

Town Hall

On March 29 we held our Town Hall Meeting regarding possible health effects from the Aliso Canyon/SoCal Gas Leak.

170 people attended and heard featured speaker Dr. Jeff Nordella and representatives from LADWP and the AQMD. Feedback from the community has been highly complementary.

Board Actions

At the April Meeting the Board approved a Neighborhood Purposes Grant of $3,000 for the Northridge Beautification Foundation for their Clean Streets Clean Start Program.

The Clean Streets Clean Starts Program Grant will take homeless people who have made the commitment to be sober and put them to work cleaning and improving areas to be determined by the board, such as but not limited to streets such as Devonshire, Plummer, Tampa or other busy and highly visible thoroughfares within our boundaries.

Those entering the program are given bus tokens, breakfast and food vouchers. They work 3 hours a day, twice a week on these tasks and afterwards work with counselors helping them in interviewing skills, resume writing and finding employment and housing. This program is growing and expanding and to date has placed a number of former homeless people in jobs and helped them to find housing.

Gail Lapaz Northridge West Homelessness Committee Chair; and her group of volunteers, assisted Councilmen Englander and his staff in a Homeless Connect Day which provides services and help to the homeless population and is aimed at the homeless in our community. If you are interested in working with our Homelessness Committee please contact Gail Lapaz at

In other actions the board voted to approve a Community Impact Statement supporting the City Planning Commissions (Council File CF 11-1705) recommendations regarding Billboard Blight. The board supports the stricter recommendations by the City Planning Commission as opposed to the far more generous City Council Land Use Committee recommendations.

Is it possible that the City Council is influenced by the free signage that the sign companies donate to Councilmembers?

For more info regarding this issue contact the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight,

Open Seats

We have 1 open seat now with 2 more termed out seats coming up in June. The best way to get on the board is to apply for either the open seat or to get on the waiting list for the seats that will be open in June. The waiting list cuts the time for getting on the board as vacancies will be filled from the waiting list.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you

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