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NWNC Ponders the New Year: How Best to Be Relevant in Our Community

Above, Greg Kromhout is sworn in as Northridge West Neighborhood Council’s newest board member.

By Jon Manuel

A new year is here, and along with it a time often used for reflection.

At last month’s Northridge West Neighborhood Council (NWNC) meeting the council’s president, Peter Lasky, addressed a question regarding remaining relevant in the community.

How has NWNC supported the Northridge West community?

Safety Issues

NWNC does its part in making sure our community is safe. In the past year, it has:

  • Assisted the Los Angeles Police Department by providing signs to help with the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups to help reduce crime.
  • Donated to the repair of a damaged trailer used by the detectives at LAPD Devonshire.
  • Supported the Disaster Preparedness Fair, which has given out thousands of disaster preparedness safety kits, helping people prepare for future disasters.
  • Worked with the Bureau of Street Services on their Small Asphalt Repair program to fix our streets and sidewalks.
  • Suggested, thanks to a NWN Planning/Land Use/Zoning Committee member, a pedestrian crosswalk which was added to the planning stages of the Chick-fil-A being built at Reseda and Devonshire.
  • Provided training and paid for the certificates for stakeholders to get their CPR and first aid training to make our community safer.

Community Ties

As in past years, the neighborhood council has done a yeoman’s job in bringing the Northridge West community together. To this end, it has:

  • Established a Homelessness Committee, which will hold its first meeting in January.
  • Awarded Neighborhood Purpose Grants to improve local libraries and feed families in the community.
  • Expanded its Northridge West “Operation Clean Sweep”, which collects garbage, pine needles and leaves, making our sidewalks and streets safer, cleaner and more navigable.
  • Installed a drip system to save the trees on the Tampa Medians.

Call to Community Members

A challenge was then issued to residents to become more involved in 2018 by attending committee meetings. Mr. Lasky stated, “We can’t do everything, but with your participation and help we can do much more.”

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