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NWNC Is Your Community Advocate

NWNC Is Your Community Advocate

Several areas of concern were addressed at the recent May 9th meeting of the Northwest Neighborhood Council. They included a new beautification project, update on some California Assembly bills and Aliso Canyon, and support of community projects.

What Should Northridge West Neighborhood Council Tackle Next?

Two beautification projects in Northridge West were proposed.

The first concept involves utilizing open space on the Tampa Avenue median for topiary figures (suggestions include animal shapes, history of the San Fernando Valley, Spanish Conquistadors, Missionaries or a movie industry tie-in). This would be a long-range project as the foundation for the topiaries would have to be poured, the framework attached and shaped, and the plants given time to grown into the designated topiary shape.

The second concept, which would be less expensive and timely, would be a horse statue to compliment to the one already at the corner of Reseda Blvd. and Rayen St. The new horse would be put in an empty planter in front of the fire station on Reseda Blvd. at Lassen.

We welcome your thoughts and comments and will likely hold a meeting to give stakeholders a chance at a more in-depth discussion.

Update on Pending Legislation in the California Assembly

Assemblyperson Matt Debabneh’s field representative, Armine Sargsyan, briefed NWNC board members and stakeholders on three bills authored or co-authored: by the Assemblyperson. They include:

AB 1421—Railroads (noise and vibration levels). This bill requires a study of the noise and vibration levels produced by trains in residential areas.

AB 1542—Violent felonies (video recordings; “Jordan’s Law”). This bill would make anyone videotaping a crime a conspirator with the attacker.

SB 57—Natural gas storage moratorium (Stern, Dababneh co-author). This bill would require the commission to keep the Aliso Canyon facility closed until a study is completed on the 2015 gas leak, unless the governor declares a state of emergency.

Aliso Canyon Update

David Meza, Public Affairs Manager at Southern California
Gas Company (SoCal Gas), gave an update on progress at the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Field and took questions from stakeholders. A rebuttal was given by the “Save Porter Ranch” organization.

Community Support

Northridge West is pleased to have approved the donation and installation of Neighborhood Watch Signs to support local police. Our local Senior Lead Officers at the Devonshire Division believe posting such signs deter crime.

The NWNC board also approved donations through Neighborhood Purpose Grants to Northridge Park, Friends of Northridge Library, Calahan Elementary School, the Disaster Preparedness Fair, and the Senior Dance.

Northridge West NC honored Don Larson of Northridge Sparkle as the Northridge West Senior of the Year. For many years, Don has given his time and money in cleaning up Reseda Blvd., getting a flagpole installed at Reseda and Parthenia and working with the Valley Rescue Mission on a program helping homeless people to develop work skills to help them find employment, and supporting NWNC in projects such as the Tampa Median Drip System.

Your Thoughts

As always, we welcome your thoughts on what we’re doing, what we should be doing and how we’re doing.

Please send comments to Peter Lasky at or call Peter at 818-697-0639

Join NWNC, Tuesday, June 13 at Calahan Elementary School, 18722 Knapp St. Meet & Greet starts at 6:00 p.m. and meeting 6:30 p.m.

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