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NWNC Keeps an Eye Out for Neighbors

By Peter Lasky


Saving the Trees along Tampa Ave.

The Division of Urban Forestry, a part of Los Angeles City Bureau of Street Services, has completed the first step in repairing and updating the connection points for the drip system to save the trees on the Tampa Median. The contractor can now start trenching in preparation for installing the drip system. Once completed, Urban Forestry will install new timers to make sure that the proper amount of water goes to each tree.

Sober Living Meeting

At the request of numerous stakeholders, the NWNC has set up a public meeting on Thursday, March 30 from 6-8 p.m. at the Northridge Park Gym. The short-and long-term implications of sober living homes will be discussed. Joining us will be Councilmember Mitchell Englander; Deputy City Attorney Bill Larsen, who specializes in these cases; a representative from the Los Angeles Police Department; Jared DeGonia from Los Angeles County, who will speak about the role of the Probation Department, and a representative from newly elected State Assemblyperson Dante Acosta’s office. An update on a recently introduced California State Assembly Bill (AB285) on this topic may also be available at the meeting.

Land Use & Zoning

The City Planning Commission has mandated the suggestion of the NWNC Planning and Land Use Committee that the new Chick-fil-A restaurant, which will replace the existing Coco’s restaurant, add a pedestrian walkway to ensure the public can safely access the restaurant from the parking lot. The motion was suggested by Committee Member Jon Manuel and approved by Committee Members Hrug DerManuelian, Glen Wilson, Brian Reff, and Chairperson John Mah.

Aliso Canyon Update

At the February 14th NWNC meeting a motion to write a letter of support for State Senator Henry Stern’s Bill SB57 to prohibit the injecting of natural gas back into the Aliso Canyon field until the cause of the previous failure is determined, and a study of the feasibility of shutting down or minimizing the field is completed, did not pass.

Measure S, Yes on S Speaker Jay Beeber

Jay Beeber, proponent of City Measure S, spoke at the meeting. Mr. Beeber, a member of the North Hills West Neighborhood Council, spoke of the need to make City Hall do its job and update the City General Plan and Community Plans, which are in many instances a decade or more out of date. He also spoke about how developers are allowed to break current planning rules and add density to areas that aren’t zoned for it, and where the community doesn’t want it. Traffic is made much worse with this unplanned increased density. Passage of Measure S, Mr. Beeber feels, would reduce the influence of developers who give substantial contributions to our elected officials who then override the recommendations of the City Planning Department and wishes of community members. For further information on this issue visit Vote YesOnS.org or contact .

Upcoming Events

The CSUN Parking Ad-Hoc Committee will be looking into the problems created by university students parking in front private homes in the area. This situation also limits access for friends, family, tradespeople and gardeners who have nowhere to park and cannot safely unload their equipment. Student parking also impacts emergency services such as ambulances, police vehicles and fire trucks.

If you would like to discuss these or other issues of interest to you, please write Peter Lasky at or call 818-697-0639.

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Join NWNC, Tuesday, March 14 at Calahan Elementary School, 18722 Knapp St. Meet & Greet starts at 6:00 p.m. and meeting 6:30 p.m.

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