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Northridge West Neighborhood Council Helps Community Retain Its Beauty and Integrity


The Northridge West Neighbor Council (NWNC) prides itself on being your liaison with Los Angeles City officials and departments. However, to do our job effectively we need your help. Although we appreciate your eagerness to present your concerns to us, we ask that you do so in a courteous and responsible manner.

Recently we received a letter from a stakeholder undated, unsigned and with no contact information. We understand the individual was upset about CSUN students parking in their neighborhood, making it difficult for residents to find parking, but we cannot address the issue without more information. If you are that individual, please identify yourself so we might discuss it and work toward a solution for you.


The NWNC Board has received questions from interested stakeholders on several of the following matters.

Drip System on Tampa Avenue

We’ve mentioned that the NWNC Board has a drip system to save the trees on the Tampa Avenue Medians. We are waiting to get the go-ahead from the City’s Urban Forestry Division after they have installed some new infrastructure items, such as timers, anti-back flow devices, valves, before we have the contractor start work. We are also waiting on the final word from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (the City agency that supervises Neighborhood Councils) that no further City approvals are necessary.

The Sober Living Home

The NWNC Board has received word that HUD is now looking into the proposed Sober Living Home. We are now trying to line up officials from the City Attorney’s Office, LAPD, and local stakeholders who have had success in these matters to talk about this issue from a short-term perspective. We are also working on having local state legislators and the County talk about longer-range solutions. We ask stakeholders not to lose perspective on this issue, and realize that pushing the problem down the road won’t make it go away—it will only delay the matter. We have to plan for the possibility of such an entity in our neighborhood.

January 10th Meeting

Our guest speaker was Mark Edwards of “Goes Too Far”, in opposition to Measure S, which will appear on the March 2017 ballot.

Mr. Edwards presented a study by Beacon and Associates detailing the costs to the economy in jobs, wages, output, loss of dollars to our public schools and the loss of funds generated by Quimby and Finn (fees that go to parks and recreational facilities).

Stakeholders Needed

There are four volunteer positions in which interested stakeholders can serve as a liaison: Animal Services, Public Works, Purposeful Aging, and Film. The duties would include attending public meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis and reporting back to the NWNC Board. For more information, please contact Peter Lasky at 818-697-0639 or email .

Letter of Support

The NWNC board approved a letter to be sent to Governor Jerry Brown supporting the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council position letter calling for shutting down the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Fields.

Zoning Matters

The NWNC Board approved the recommendations of the Public Land Use and Zoning Committee that there be no objection to a proposed Chick-Fil-A to replace Coco’s Restaurant at Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard, or a senior care and assisted living facility on Prairie Avenue.

For any comments or questions, please contact Peter Lasky at 818-697-0639 or email .

Join NWNC, Tuesday, February 14 at Calahan Elementary School, 18722 Knapp St. Meet & Greet starts at 6:00 p.m. and meeting 6:30 p.m.

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