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Get involved! Join the Northridge West Neighborhood Council


The Northridge West Neighborhood Council has 4 open seats:

  1. Homeowner 1
  2. At large 2
  3. Senior 3
  4. At Large 3

This is an opportunity to serve your community and to take action on all the things that have bugged you. Perhaps you have concerns about the sidewalks, streets, curbs, crime. locked gates on public access pass throughs etc. Maybe you are unhappy about declining city services. Have you ideas about things that you would like to see take place, improving the Tampa Medians, pocket parks, community events? We have numerous committees that could help you to transform your good ideas into reality.

The City funds us with $37,000 to do good for the community.

This is your opportunity to be appointed to the board as opposed to running for office.

For more information please e-mail Peter Lasky, 

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