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Northridge West NC Honored by L.A. City


Northridge West Neighborhood Council is one of ten neighborhood councils to win a 2013 EmpowerLA Award, announced Sept. 9th at a special meeting of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.

The ten took top honors in a field of 45 nominations, said Karen Mack, outreach committee chair for the board. Nominations were received for projects that exemplified the mission of neighborhood councils to engage local stakeholders with government and make government more accountable and responsive to the needs of their communities, she said.

Northridge West Neighborhood Council will celebrate three years of Operation Clean Sweep with 8 to 15 volunteers showing up every week on Thursday for four hours to clean sidewalks, parkways, gutters and storm. How many NCs can boost this kind of consistency in the work to make their community a more beautiful and walkable place? Subscribing to the broken window theory, they have had a big impact on the local crime rate by ensuring their neighborhood is well cared for.

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