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Transfer Permits Required for Most Sales of Young Pets in Los Angeles

Anyone selling, adopting out, bartering, brokering, or even giving away puppies, kittens or other animals under 6 months of age within the City of Los Angeles must obtain an annual Transfer Permit (LAMC Sec. 53.15.2) from the LA Department of Animal Services. The requirement not only applies to pet breeders and brokers whose customers are within the L.A. city limits but also City resident pet owners. Licensed pet dealers and pet shops, 501c3 rescuers, humane societies and government agencies are exempt.

Among the key requirements to obtain a Transfer Permit are that sellers must verify the animal’s health and vaccination status, clearly identify the source of the animal, notify LAAS of the buyer or recipient of the animal, be current on other applicable business license requirements, and meet certain other humane standards. Also, similar to state requirements for building contractors, Transfer Permit holders who advertise young animals for sale must include their Transfer Permit number in any ad that might lead to a transaction in Los Angeles.

“Improved licensing laws, spay/neuter requirements and breeding permit ordinances have given Animal Services more tools to use to help community members do the right thing for their companion animals and avoid unwanted pet births,” explains department General Manager Brenda Barnette. “However, those laws didn’t provide us with any way to deal with the sale of young animals within the city limits that are bred outside the city limits, and they didn’t provide us with any effective way to ensure that pet sellers were operating in a lawful manner. Now we have a tool to help us do that.”

The Department intends to enforce Transfer Permits by informing holders of LAAS breeding permits and those advertising pets for sale in contexts such as the Recycler, the L.A. Times, or Craigslist of the requirement. Failure to obtain a Transfer Permit could eventually lead to a fine and/or jail time, and violation of the permit requirements by permittees could lead to revocation.

Transfer Permits cost $120.00. Information and applications are now available at http://www.laanimalservices.com/Laws_Policies/transferpermit.htm (click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser) along with information on the requirements that go along with them.For additional information contact the Animal Services Permit Unit at (323) 224-0927.

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