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City of Los Angeles Launches MyHistoricLA.org

Do you know of a special place that has architectural, historical, social, or cultural significance in your neighborhood? Visit MyHistoricLA.org to share your ideas!

MyHistoricLA.org is a program of SurveyLA, the citywide Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey project (www.surveyla.org).

MyHistoricLA.org is a new and innovative public participation tool that allows you to contribute information about important historic resources in your community. This information is used by professional survey teams as they systematically conduct field surveys over a multi-year period.

MyHistoricLA.org is currently engaging in the following conversations…

It’s easy to sign in and join this exciting new citywide conversation. Please spread the word — through posts, tweets or old-fashioned emails — to all of your friends and neighbors who care about Los Angeles’ history and architecture.

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