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Operation Clean Sweep Week 26 Recap

To all Northridge Stakeholders: I want to thank all the volunteers that came out Saturday in support of Operation Clean Sweep along Devonshire, Tampa and Tunney Avenues. Saturday’s operations laid the foundation for the Grand Kickoff Cleanup Sweep Operation scheduled for next Saturday (1/15/11) where Councilman Smith and Hope Worldwide will be joining our efforts to clean …

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Abandoned Shopping Cart Ordinance

In August of 2008, Councilman Smith introduced Council Motion 08-2070, a motion to address the issue of abandoned shopping carts in the community. A pilot program was carried out and the City Council decided create a shopping cart ordinance. You can find the full history of this motion at: http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=08-2070 …

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Northridge West Neighborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 26

You are all invited this Saturday 1/8/11 (7AM to 10AM) to join in the trend setting efforts of the Northridge West Neighborhood Councils sponsored Operation Clean Sweep along the North and South side of Tunney Avenue between the Tampa and Devonshire Streets. This weekend’s mission will be to trim and clean up many of the overhanging trees/bushes/debris as we prepare the west side of Tampa Avenue, the north side of Devonshire Street (including the section east of the flood control area) along with the north & south sides of Tunney Avenue for the January 15th Pre-Super Bowl Operation Clean Sweep in which Northridge West Neighborhood Council, Councilman Greig Smith and Hope Worldwide will team up to restore these areas to their natural beauty (See attached flyer) So please tell your friends, neighbors or anyone you think that would be interested in helping improve our community to come and join us as we build our team of dedicated volunteers committed to having fun, meeting new people and making Northridge a cleaner, greener and safer place to live, learn and work. Parking will be on Tunney Avenue along the west side of Tampa Avenue. We will be starting around 7AM and meeting on the south-west corner of Tunney & Tampa Avenue to review the playing field over coffee, donuts, and bagels. Please contact me if you have any questions or need directions.

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Happy New Year from Northridge West Neighborhood Council‏‏

To All Northridge Stakeholders: We took responsibility for the Reseda median just south of Lassen Street turning it from a weed infested jungle into a nicely manicured Northridge Oasis (See attached pictures). These accomplishments were the results of numerous volunteers that sacrificed many of their Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s to …

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