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NWNC End of the Run for Operation Clean Sweep Week 48

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

Please take this opportunity to join us as we say our final Thank You to all the volunteers that have participated in our Saturday Operation Clean Sweep events. This Saturday will for our final event marking an end to a great run of Saturday programs that brought friends and neighbors alike out for the better of Northridge.  This will be a time to reflect on the accomplishments we made as well as to find ways to support the Thursday cleanup efforts lead by JoAnn Phillips that will continue on.

So take this opportunity to be part of a celebration to thank all those that made Operation Clean Sweep a successful program and that are credited for the removal of well over 2000 bags of trash and debris collected from numerous streets throughout Northridge. This program brought a community together for the common good of all of Northridge.

Saturday’s event will start at 7AM in the same location as last year’s kick off of Operation Clean Sweep along the corner of Tampa & Chatsworth. This will be our final leg of the run. Hope to see you there. Parking will be on the north-west side of Chatsworth Street just west of Tampa Avenue in Northridge. Refreshments are being brought by the good Guys at Saffari Automotive.


PS: A Special THANK YOU to Coach Dick Rippey, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bunion & Ron Wengler, Clipper Joe Oswald, Yellow Croc’s toting Freddie Rymond, Poster Girl JoAnn Phillips, #1 Realtor Christina Fischer for their hard work and efforts that made Devonshire & Tampa Shine.

As of this week we are still challenged with trying to bring the irrigation system along the Tampa medians back on line. It is my hope that NWNC will recognize the need to appropriate the necessary funding to make the repairs to the irrigation and timer systems so that we will not have to endure another year of desert and weed infested conditions.

Hope to see you Saturday as we mark an end to a great ride – Thank you

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood

PS: Don’t miss the kick off of Movies Under the Stars at Holleigh Bernson Park in Porter Ranch sponsored by Councilmen Greig Smith beginning at 8PM. For additional information go to http://cd12.lacity.org/index.htm.

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