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Operation Clean Sweep – Week 44 – Devonshire & Vanalden Streets‏‏

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

You are all invited this Saturday 5/14/11 (7AM to 10AM) to join Northridge West Neighborhood Councils sponsored Operation Clean Sweep along the North side of Devonshire Street from Vanalden to Tampa Avenue in Northridge.

Click on here for directions: http://bit.ly/j4UdqW

Take the plunge for some fun – come and join us make Northridge Shine!

This week’s goal will be to continue clearing the blighted areas along the north side of Devonshire Street between Vanalden to Tampa Avenue. This portion of Devonshire fails to portray the best of Northridge or its stakeholders.

So come join us as we work to improve Northridge one block at a time. Be part of a team of dedicated volunteers committed to having fun, meeting new people and making Northridge a cleaner, greener and safer community to live, learn, work and play. Parking will be on Vanalden Street just on the north of Devonshire Street. We will be starting around 7AM and meeting on the north-west corner of Devonshire & Vanalden Streets to review the work plan under the NWNC big top tent while sipping hot chocolate & coffee, over fresh baked donuts and brownies. Please contact me if you have any questions or need directions.

Don’t forget our Mid-Week Clean-Up Efforts in Northridge…
To learn more or to sign up, contact Jo Ann Philips at (818) 304-4989

With your help we are uniting a community while stamping out unsightly areas within our neighborhoods. So be original and come join us as we continue to clean up and make Northridge and Los Angeles shine!

PS: THANK YOU to last Saturday’s Dream Team for a fantastic job burning calories while cleaning up a half a ton of debris blighting Devonshire Street. Your efforts rocked the neighborhood and demonstrated that participation in community efforts have a positive impact for all of Northridge and the City of Los Angeles.

I’d like to thank Coach Dick Rippey, Bspice Johnson, Teacher/Engineer Ski, Get it Done Now Chris Williams, Paul Bunion Ron Wengler, Coffee Connoisseur Juativa Spurlock, Fashion Super Model JoAnn Phillips who kicked Butt in not only cleaning up Devonshire but preparing it for a facelift of improvements designed to improve the area while reducing maintenance.

Your ambition, talent and support are what help make Northridge Safe, Secure and Clean.

We are Proud of you!

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: Nancy Cartwright is sponsoring an annual event at her beautiful home near Tampa and Superior for the community. Please pass this around and get the word out. Every year the crowd gets bigger and bigger. This is open to the public, but there’s a $15 fee for adults to attend. Please email for questions.

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