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Operation Clean Sweep – Week 35‏ Results

Chatsworth Neighborhood Council joins Northridge West in tackling the last stretches of Corbin Street while Paul Bunion takes on the Grapefruit trees.

Last Saturday Chatsworth Neighborhood Council board members Carol Lucas & Jelena Csanyi joined NWNC in cleaning up the remaining stretches of Corbin Street. The combination of councils working together is an attempt to combat blighted areas within our communities as well as reaching out to the Stakeholders of each neighborhood. These joint efforts allow us to share valuable methods of operation and procedures in starting up and maintaining an all volunteer beautification team within our communities. Saturday’s efforts resulted in a clean sweep of Corbin between Lassen and Superior Streets that netted over 75 bags of debris being swept up and removed from Corbin Street.

These efforts were lead by our Coach/ Right Hand Man Dick Rippey. The plan was to trim the Grapefruit trees along with the Bougainville’s back to the property lines clearing the path of travel for pedestrian traffic. What seemed as a quick 100 yard touchdown turned into a long 5 hour touchdown with Paul Bunion leading the charge. The first defensive line crossed were the Grapefruit trees that were shedding Grapefruits the size of miniature basketballs. It took no time for VP Glen Wilson and his Brother Robert to fill up several City issued trash bags for carting off to one of the local food banks. Back from a few week layover was Edward Scissorhands Craig Byers removing the shooters from the Crape Myrtle Trees and clearing out the weeds along the edges of the sidewalks. For Ever Young (82+ years young) Martha Wilson provided valuable logistic in addition to sweeping the gutters removing the piles of car parts and debris that had accumulated over the years. Coffee Connoisseur Juativa Spurlock dominated her time with scouting out, loading up and returning nearby green trash bins offered by the neighbors. This in addition to working diligently with VP Wilson on drafting the new NWNC By-Laws for submission to DONE. Reciprocating Saw JoAnn Phillips spearheaded the clipping crew made up of Teacher/Engineer Ski Gonsowski & Incredible Hulk Craig Michayluk since Clipper Joe Oswald ditched us for a late sleep in – Double Duty for Clipper Joe this weekendJ!. Proud & Daring  Board Members from Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Carol Lucas & Jelena Csanyi took up raking and photographing the event in preparations of a possible Chatsworth clean Sweep operation.

The above volunteers like so many others continue to demonstrate that a community isn’t built by one individual but by many. By getting involved and giving back to your community is a valuable method in promoting unity and pride of ownership, while building and developing new friendships that would never had materialized without neighbors willing to lend a hand to accomplish a shared interest. Come join us as we work together as neighbors and friends to achieve a shared goal of having a cleaner, greener and safer community where we can live, work, learn and play.

A special Thank you to Thursday’s Dream Team for their efforts along Lassen Street. Their hard work and attention to detail is transforming the Lassen medians back to the glitter and sparkle they once were for all the residents and daily commuters to see and enjoy.

Come and join them this Thursday March 16th at 9am on the north side of Lassen Street as they continue west towards Corbin Street

A Thank you to Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for their efforts to clean up the east side of Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Plummer as well as all stakeholders that are keeping their parkways, sidewalks, gutters clean. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: Thank you to all those stakeholders that attended Tuesday night’s LADOT presentation of the revised Wilbur Striping plan at Nobel Middle School. The final vote count was 9 Yes, 3 No, 7 Abstentions  – failing to secure a majority for implementing LADOT latest revised striping plan.

For those NWNC stakeholders seeking free First Aid/CPR training on March 26, 2011 @ Calahan Elementary School from 8am to 12pm seating is limited to first come first serve & filling up fast. Don’t wait email me with your name and telephone number ASAP!

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