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Operation Clean Sweep – Week 32‏ Results

Neither the threat of rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor possible sunny skies was able to keep Northridge West from their appointed schedule for cleaning up Corbin Street this past Saturday. With the gracious support of the numerous volunteers and neighbors we were able to chip away at the blighted areas populating portions of Corbin restoring it back to its natural beauty once bestowed upon it.

Gerald Kilroy filling the shoes of Paul Bunion this week did a fantastic job trimming back the numerous branches extending into the path of travel along Corbin. His first task was to set the record straight with the cutters and trees being trimmed at who was the boss. Once that was established there was no stopping his attention to detail and willingness to getting the job done. Reciprocating Saw Joann Phillips & Get it done Chris Williams filled the spot of Edward Scissor Hands cleaning and trimming up the bushes inundating the walls along the south-east corner of May all & Corbin. Northridge Rockabilly Teri Grossman placed a big smile on the teams face with her unique findings that included a bright yellow Happy Face Smile similar to the one she inspires us with everyday. Croc-toting Freddie Mac came to the event dressed for success providing the much needed moral support for the team while planning Operation Clean Sweep’s return to Tampa Avenue in June. Our Plus 80 and young as ever Martha Wilson smiling from ear to ear minded the store making sure everyone signed in while her son’s Robert & Glen tackled the logistics’ of spotting the ladders and making sure the area’s were trimmed and clensed to perfection. Engineer/Teacher Ski did a GREAT job cutting and edging the grass along the parkway north of Mayall Street punctuating the importance to detail that has become a trade mark of the volunteers of Operation Clean Sweep. Rounding out the A Team was Dick the Donut Man Rippley who was instrumental in pushing the team over the goal line by assisting and securing the machinery to complete the day’s operation, spotting Paul Bunion’s look-a-like, gathering, hauling and stock piling the bags of debris, scooping up piles of unknown kryptonite and ensuring all the tools, equipment and safety devices were picked up prior to leaving the site.

The above volunteers like so many others continue to demonstrate that a community isn’t built by one individual but by many. That giving back to your community is a valuable method in promoting unity and pride of ownership, and provides a mean to build new friendships that would never had materialized without neighbors willing to leaned a hand to accomplish a shared interest. A community of individuals that together are able to achieve a goal of having a cleaner, greener, and safer community where we can live, work, learn and play.

A special thank you to Carlos and his beautify wife for providing the team with a ladder and for going the extra mile to ensure their parkways, sidewalks, and gutters are clean to a shine. Their as well as many others who contribute to making our community great are truly appreciated.

A big thank you to the Thursday Clean Up Group lead by Joann Phillips.

Thursday’s Dream Team continues its march along Lassen Street beautifying the appearance for all the residents and daily commuters to see and enjoy.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: For those seeking training/certification in 1st Aid/CPR please forward your name, email address and a telephone number where you can be reached. Thank you. TJ

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