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Operation Clean Sweep – Week 31‏ Results

A special thank you to all the volunteers that turned out for Saturday’s Operation Clean Sweep along Corbin Street. Saturday’s mission provided a clear path of travel free from the overhanging Orange and Fig trees that were responsible for portion of the debris removed from the sidewalks and gutters. The Crape myrtle’s were given a check up and a clean bill of health with the shooters cut off, the trash and debris removed from the bases to allow their attractive fall foliage to blossom.

The day was a text book operation with Paul Bunion (Ron Wengler) and his wing man Dick the Donut Man (Dick Rippley) jumping right into action trimming the trees blocking the path of travel while the supporting staff followed closely behind like a freight train following the locomotive. Northridge Rocks (Teri Grossmen), the Energizer Bunny Sumeko Mukasa along with the Wilson Brother’s Glen & Robert stayed on point compiling and cutting up all the branches downed by Bunion and his wing man while Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw JoAnn Phillips sawed off and compiled all the fruit from the orange trees into containers for extracting orange juice for the Thursday Clean Sweep volunteers. Engineer Ski stayed ahead of the pack testing out his latest invention for holding open trash bags while scooping up debris with a custom snow shovel. Another attempt at improving the operations means & methods for working more efficiently to cover more territory. Creativity in motion – Keep them coming Ski! Freddie Mac came out in style with his Magic quarter (Bent behind your ear), glowing hair cut (check out the picture) and Yellow Croc shoes to compliment BSpice and her Pink Croc shoes as they swept the sidewalks and gutters clean. Our newest volunteer to join the effort was Dumpster Dancing Christine Inez whom was so energized that capturing her on film was blurred. You go Christine! In rounding out the team was Get it Done Chris Williams with her whacky weed whacker and Mrs. Bunion Marlene Wrengler who was dressed for success with a smile and charm that warmed the hearts of everyone.

This weekend’s operations is the beginning of a clean sweep operation that will transform one of Northridge West’s most neglected streets littered with 2’ high weeds, fallen & rotten fruit, trash, graffiti into a gleaming clean street of Northridge.

These volunteers demonstrated with commitment and sacrifices that giving back to their community promotes unity and pride of ownership, and builds new friendships that would never had materialized without neighbors coming together to accomplish a mission. A community of individuals that come together to achieve a shared goal of having a cleaner, greener and safer community where we can live, work, learn and play.

A Thank you to all the stakeholders that are going the extra mile to keep their parkways, sidewalks, gutters clean. Your contributions to making our community great truly appreciated.

I would also like to thank Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for their efforts to clean up the east side of Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Plummer.

A Big Thank you to the Thursday Clean Up Group lead by JoAnn Phillips. Per Mrs. Phillips:

Wednesday the team mowed, pruned and swept Devonshire from Vanalden to Tampa to the tune of approximately 30 bags of debris.

Thursday the team mowed, pruned and swept Wilbur just north of Devonshire and also cleaned south of Wilbur with another 10 bags of debris collected on Wilbur near Blackhawk.

Per JoAnn Thursday’s Clean Up Group will be held Thursday February 17 @ 9am on the south side of Lassen Street. We will clean from Tunney to Tampa. Park on Tunney which is first street west of Tampa

See how you can become involved in helping to improve your neighborhood by going to our web site NorthridgeWest.org for all upcoming events. Thank you

Tom Johnson

Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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