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Operation Clean Sweep – Week 30‏ Results‏

The Girl Scouts from Troop 150-6 along with all the other young and shining stars that came out for Saturday’s Operation Clean Sweep were AWESOME! Their hard work was the driving force that cleaned the entire south side of Devonshire Street from Tunney to Tampa Avenue. With a little guidance and allot of encouragement from our in-house Teacher Ski and an awesome group of parents these girls along with the other amazingly talented individuals a fantastic job was accomplished making Northridge shine.

A special thank you to Kelly Mattinson, Jenna Mattinson, Rob Reeves, Sarah Reeves, Camille Tolentino, Marvin Tolentino, Tal Ankori, Adi Ankori, Merave Perry Ankori, Laruen Steinmetz, Jeannine Steinmetz, Merane Jillian Mervis, Diana Hill, Jessica Chalfin Juliana Chalfin, Rick Mervis, and Jillian Mervis you were AWESOME!

To compliment Saturday’s efforts was the Stump Stomping Brown Family who took on the extremely difficult task of removing the dead and dying bushes and stumps along Devonshire. Not an easy task by any means – Great Job! Then there was Edward Scissor Hands Craig Byers Shucking shooters from the base of the pine tree along the north side of Devonshire Street then collecting bags with BSpice. Repeat Champion Joe Perez was back at it sweeping the gutters to a near polish while Clipper Joe Oswald was cutting grass with a smile from ear to ear. Our Northridge Rocks Teri Grossmen was busy paying attention to details and signs, while Ryobi Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw JoAnn Phillips and Mrs. Bunion Marlene Wrengler were busy giving the over grown bushes a crew cut to ensure a clear path of travel. Paul Bunion traded in his chain saw for a leaf blower. Paul made sure every morsel and spec of dirt including any loose aggregate was blown off the beaten path. Get It Done Chris Williams was whacking weeds (Righty Tighty/Lefty Lousie) and trimming bushes after she and BSpice spiffed up the corner of Tunney & Devonshire. And rounding out the dynamic team of volunteers was Coffee Guru Juativa Spurlock Juativa and her son Malik who were busy beavers gathering and disposing the piles of pine needles ahead of the volunteer train. While our Forever Young Martha Wilson kept the spirit up with her smile and charm while her sons Glen & Robert were busy dialing in the overgrown bushes and tree branches along the east end of Devonshire Street. A special thank you to Dick Rippley for coming out & picking up and delivering the donuts for the entire staff of volunteers. They were delicious!

With the help of Girl Scout Troop 150-6, the young and inspiring and the new volunteers, in addition to the dedicated regular volunteers who stepped up and joined Operation Clean Sweep we chalked up another accomplishment in stemming the tide of blighted streets of Northridge. These volunteers demonstrated with commitment that giving back to their community is fun, promotes unity and pride of ownership while also building new and existing friendships. These efforts exhibit a community of individuals that come together to achieve a shared goal of having a cleaner, greener and safer community where we can live, work, learn and play.

A special thank you to Rick Marvis for his efforts in cleaning the gutters along Wilbur Street and those unknown individuals that are contributing to the clean up efforts to make Northridge shine. These acts of kindness are commendable and reflect the pride of ownership that we take within our neighborhoods that make this city great.

A Thank you to Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for their efforts to clean up the east side of Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Plummer.

A Big Thank you to the retirement volunteer group on Thursday lead by JoAnn Phillips. Per Mrs. Phillips:

“Wow!  That’s all I can say about the fantastic job done by the Thursday Clean Up Group!!!  You guys rock.

Thanks for cleaning up along Devonshire between Wilbur and Vanalden plus part of Wilbur.  I drove there yesterday afternoon and felt so proud of what was accomplished.

That entire area was mowed by the amazing Ron and Jerry team.  When confronted with a totally clogged storm drain, Jerry Sitko drove home and brought back tools to get the drain unclogged.  Ski, Sumiko and Terry cleaned the entire gutter area and storm drains.  Teri pulled the weeds along the block walls.  The Wilsons did a fantastic job sweeping the entire area clean.  Great job by all.”

See how you can become involved in helping to improve your neighborhood by going to our web site NorthridgeWest.org for all upcoming events. Thank you

Tom Johnson

Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council is entertaining holding a public meeting at Shepherd of the Hills Church 19700 Rinaldi Street Northridge, CA 91326 on March 1, 2011 to address concerns expressed over the present Wilbur Avenue stripping plan – additional information about the meeting will be made available in the near future.

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