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Take the Los Angeles Budget Survey Challenge

Los Angeles is currently planning its 2011-12 budget and this year may be the most challenging ever for the city’s finances. The city needs and wants your input, so Mayor Villaraigosa invites you to take the Los Angeles Budget Challenge, which launched January 27th, 2011.

The Los Angeles Budget Challenge is online and is a very interactive tool that will let you help solve the City’s budget deficit. You will be able to share your concerns about potential budget balancing measures and priorities. Your responses will help the Mayor make the difficult decisions necessary to continue to move Los Angeles towards better financial health, while protecting our City’s most essential services.

The official link to the Los Angeles Budget Survey Challenge is: LABudgetChallenge.lacity.org

Please take the survey challenge, and help get the word out that this survey is one of only and very best ways for your voice to be heard directly by City Hall.

It’s a pretty nifty survey. You are presented with a budget and your responsibility is to balance it. The goal is to break even or come out in the black. The right panel displays background information pertaining to each survey question. Hovering your mouse over each selection reveals the pros and cons of a particular response. There is also an area to comment on each survey question. The “budget meter” on the bottom provides the status of your budget as you progress. See below:


There is also a “Core Services” section at the end of the survey that allows you to select up to ten services you feel is key to the City of Los Angeles.

Please contact Ed Novy or Robert Lim (North Valley Regional Budget Advocates) if you need Spanish, Korean or Tagalog versions of the survey.

A special thanks to the hard working Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives led by Chair, Jay Handal, who worked with the Mayor’s Office on developing the survey.

Thank you and Let The Challenge Begin!!! The Los Angeles Budget Survey Challenge runs through February 27th.

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