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Operation Clean Sweep Week 27 “Pre-SuperBowl” Scorecard

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AWESOME! Northridge Rocked this weekend with the help of over 100 volunteers ranging from infancy to 80+ years young. I want to thank all the volunteers that showed up Saturday for an outstanding job in helping make the event a success as we remember the late Dr. Martin Luther King.  Your efforts, sacrifices and hard work are seen as an inspiration to so many individuals of what accomplishments can be achieved when you roll up your sleeves and work together as a team to improve a community.


The Ravens & Eagles came on field kicking field goals as thou it was a basketball game scoring double digit points on both sides. The Colts and Jets suited up for battle only to encounter difficult field conditions due to the dense concentration of lumbering trees blocking the goal posts which in the end proved no match for Paul Bunion and the Jets. The Saints and Seahawks just couldn’t be stopped blowing right thru the goal posts @ Melvin & Devonshire to end up @ Corbin & Devonshire. In the mean time the Falcons and Green Bay Packers were busy dueling it out along Devonshire Street pulling out inner tubes, sheets of wood from under the Astroturf while attempting to reach the goal posts. During the final minutes the special teams from both organizations were called out to drop back to the 50 yard line for the blitz to the field goal. Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots went into overtime driving past the goal posts on Tampa & Tunney up Germain then north on Tampa. What a game – the Patriots & Steelers collided on the north-east corner of Tampa & Tunney to tackle the Astroturf blocking the storm drain just below the goal post. The Kansas City Chiefs went un-contested literally creating their very own football field. If you look hard enough you can envision a nice little dog park designed and built with drought tolerant plants, stone, a few trees – just a suggestion in case any corporate sponsor is reading or willing to help out.

In all it was a wonderful turn out of great players (volunteers) that made Saturday’s Super Bowl Kick off a great success. Without each and every one of them/you the accomplishments achieved would not have materialized and the conditions would have been considered tolerable. You proved Saturday that the conditions were not acceptable and confronted them with the mind set and tenacity that there is no goal post to tall that prevents us from kicking field goals as a community. You demonstrated Saturday that giving back to your community is like playing a game where you can have fun while building and developing new and existing friendships that draws a community together.

On behalf of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council it was an honor and privilege to have met and worked alongside each of you as a volunteer working to keeping America beautiful.

I would also like to thank the Thursday Clean Sweep Team for their hard work and commitment in cleaning up Devonshire Street between Tampa to Tunney Thursday morning in preparation of Saturday’s Super Bowl Clean Sweep. And for Ron Wengler who single handed cleaned up the north side of Chatsworth Street west of Vanalden by placing all the debris neatly into a dozen trash bags and stacking them perfectly level with the one below it.

A special thank you goes out Councilman Greig Smith and his entire office staff for helping organize Saturday’s event. A great BIG thank you to Hope Worldwide and all their members and sponsors that came out for Saturday’s event. And a thank you to LA City Parks & Recreation and Public Works for supplying all the tools and picking up all the collected debris.  And most importantly a big thank you to Northridge West Neighborhood Council for funding the event.

For additional photographs of the event go to :  http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_17108145

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