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Northridge West Neighborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 29

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

You are all invited this Saturday 1/29/11 (7AM to 10AM) to join Northridge West Neighborhood Councils sponsored Operation Clean Sweep along the south side of Devonshire Street between Tunney & Melvin Avenue.

This weekend’s mission is designed to compliment the fantastic job performed by the Seahawks & New Orleans Saints on January 15th when the entire north side of Devonshire from Tunney to Corbin was swept spotless. We plan to extend that shine all the way to Corbin to ensure all those commuters stuck at the Corbin and Melvin traffic signals are provided a glimpse of the beauty that makes Northridge a great community.

So grab your friends, neighbors or anyone interested in helping improve our community to come out and join us as we build our team of dedicated volunteers committed to having fun, meeting new people and making Northridge a cleaner, greener and safer community to live, learn, work and play. Parking will be on Melvin Avenue along the north side of Devonshire Street between Tunney and Corbin Avenue. We will be starting around 7AM and meeting on the north-west corner of Devonshire & Melvin Avenue to review the game plan, discuss the odds of the Steelers wreaking complete destruction over the Packers while having coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, bagels and for those Packer fans Brownies. Please contact me if you have any questions or need directions.

ATTENTION: Thursday 1/27/11 Operation Retirement Clean Sweep meets at the south east corner of Lassen and Vanalden. Parking is on Vanalden – look for the orange cones.

We will clean the south side of Lassen starting at Vanalden, and we did not completely clean out all tree wells along Lassen’s north side last week, so we will complete that effort. Also, time permitting; let’s paint the two rusted trash cans at the corners of Lassen & Vanalden.

Bring gloves and clippers; we bring trash bags, trash cans, refreshments, etc.

Please forward this note to friends and neighbors in the area; we need to expand the group. Hope to see you at Lassen and Vanalden 9 am tomorrow.

Jo Ann Phillips

With your help we are demonstrating that as a united community we can stamp out unsightly areas within our neighborhoods by joining hands and working together one block at a time. So please come join us as we build new friendships, develop existing ones while having fun improving and building a closer and cleaner, safer community. Thank you for helping keep America beautiful!

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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