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Northridge West Neighborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 28‏ Results

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out Saturday in support of Operation Clean Sweep along Tampa Avenue. Saturday’s operations complimented the efforts to clean up Tampa Avenue of the overhanging trees and broken irrigation systems within the medians of Tampa Avenue.

Click here to see more photos from the Clean Up Day.

Yesterday’s efforts seen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bunion (Ron/Marlene Wengler) along with Bunion’s side kick Dick Rippley, Joey the shark (Joe Oswald), Energizer Bunny (Sumeko Mukasa), New Kids on the Block (Joey Lopez & Andrew Cotreel) trimming up the overhanging trees along the west side of Tampa Ave while Northridge Rocks Teri Grossman, Get it Done Chris Williams, Martha, Robert & Glen Wilson, Engineer Ski and New Kid on the Block Craig Byers cutting grass, trimming bushes, along the east side of Tampa Ave while our own Irrigation Specialist Rick Mervis worked on exposing the broken irrigation lines within the Tampa median.

With the help of these volunteers and that of our newcomers who are stepping up and joining Operation Clean Sweep we are making our best attempt to meet the challenge to stem the tide and push back the blighted streets of this great city. These volunteers are demonstrating that giving back to your community can be fun; promotes pride of ownership while developing and building new and existing friendships. These efforts exhibit a community coming together to achieve a shared goal of having a cleaner, greener and safer community where we can live, work, learn and play.

A special thank you to those unknown individual young men that were spotted cleaning up the north side of Chatsworth Street between Vanalden and Tampa last week, along with those individuals that were responsible for cleaning up the east side of Corbin Street south of Plummer Street. These acts of kindness are commendable and reflect the pride of ownership that our community exhibits everyday to make this city great.

A thank you to Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for their efforts to clean up the east side of Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Plummer.

A thank you to the volunteer group on Thursday per JoAnn Phillips, who said “Thank you to all that turned out for a very successful cleanup effort along Lassen between Vanalden and Wilbur. It looks fantastic now.” These combined acts of community participation are examples of what is being done to preserve and improve a community one block at a time.

Tom Johnson

Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: We are starting to see graffiti along the south-east corner of Wilbur & Plummer and the south-west corner of Reseda & Vincennes Streets. These acts of vandalism are unacceptable and are not representative of our great Northridge community. If you are interested in helping us with graffiti removal please email me with your name & email address.

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