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Northridge West Neigborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 24‏ Results

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

Happy Holidays!

I want to thank all the elves that came out Saturday in support of the Operation Khris Kringle Clean Sweep along Wilbur Avenue. The mission accomplished the first phase of a partial clearing of debris that has accumulated along Wilbur Avenue for the scheduled arrival of Santa Claus for his annual December 24, 2010 visit to our Great City.

The plan is to give Mr. Claus a clear runway to deliver all his good will throughout the Valley.

Saturday’s event was marked by some very curious bystanders intent on giving us a day of “Where do it go” syndrome. It first started out with a missing jacket followed by where did the camera go. After a good hour of searching the jacket was found without a sign of the camera. A little after 2pm I received a telephone call from a very nice lady stating that her husband had just found my camera with all the day’s pictures in it along with the two culprits who were trying to use it. It turns out the culprits were the two Irish Setter puppies wanting to join in on the fun by jumping up the side of a masonry wall looking to get a glimpse of Operation Clean Sweep. The clever antics of these two jokesters highlights just some of the events that are encountered during Operation Clean Sweep events where community improvements are mixed with fun, laughter, mystery and accomplishments

A huge thank you to our newest elves Sher Hogan, Joe Oswald, Charles Gonsowski, the Energizer Bunny Sumeko Mukasa, I’ll Meet You There Rick Mervis, Ron (a.k.a Paul Bunion) & Majestic Marlene Wengler, Paul Bunion’s Right Hand Man Dick Rippey, Leaf Blower Operator Joann Phillips, Ah Yea Robert & Glen Wilson, along with their Beautiful Mother Martha Wilson, Northridge Rocks author Teri Grossman, Where’s my Big Sis Bspice Johnson, Outreach Chair Juativa & Traffic Controller Mike (a.k.a Warren) Spurlock, and that unknow young buck who’s names I did not get that showed up to clear the path from the North Pole to Northridge.

These individuals are your neighbors and friends who are stepping up to the challenges of helping another neighbor in joining hands to make the difference in improving our community one block at a time. Please come and join us in making Northridge a safer, cleaner, better community to live, work, play and learn.

I would also like to announce a Thursday addition to Operation Clean Sweep. If you are wondering why Devonshire Street is looking better? For several months a group of dedicated neighbors have been cleaning the parkways and sidewalks along Devonshire Street every Thursday. This supplements Northridge West Neighborhood Council’s amazing Operation Clean Sweep Saturday accomplishments. Please join the Thursday effort.

We will be meeting 9 am this Thursday December 16 on the north-west corner of Devonshire & Vanalden Streets to review the work plan. Contact Jo Ann Phillips at if you have any questions or need directions. Note the start time is 9 am so you can sleep in.

A special thank you to Sumeko Mukasa, Joann Phillips, Teri Grossman, Ron & Marlene Wengler, Dick Rippey, Charles Gonsowski, Glen, Robert, Martha Wilson for their hard work and commitment in cleaning up Devonshire Street on Thursday morning.

I also want to thank Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for all their hard work and commitment to cleaning up the east side of Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Dearborn as well as their food drive efforts to stamp out hunger.

With your help and that of the new volunteers that have been increasingly stepping up and joining Operation Clean Sweep we are beginning to redefine the saying “It will never get done” with “When do you want it done” to improve our community. Come join us in our efforts to lead by example of what can be done having fun while building a close knit neighborhood committed to a cleaner, greener and safer community that we all can be proud of while bringing neighbors closer together. Thank you

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: Please come join the council on December 14th at 7pm to a Northridge West Neighborhood Council Board/Holiday Outreach meeting located at Beckford Elementary School on 19130 Tulsa Street Northridge, CA 91326 where food and refreshments will be on hand.

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