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Northridge West NC Operation Clean Sweep – Week 22‏ Results and Week 23 Plans

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

I am happy to report that Tampa Avenue between the 118 Freeway to Plummer Street along the East and West sides has been swept clean. This milestone could not have been accomplished without the hard work and commitment of the gracious individual volunteers that came out in support of Operation Clean Sweep. Their efforts helped remove well over 600 bags of trash as well as car bumpers, fenders, batteries, license plates, social security cards, telephone bills, telephones, coils, newspapers, Styrofoam cups, shopping carts, abandon garage sale signs, fish tanks, shoes, and clothing that littered one of Northridge’s main thoroughfares. The trees and bushes blocking the paths of travel were trimmed, the storm drains clogged with plastic bags, pine needles, pine cones, leaves, and garbage bags were cleaned, new friendships were born while others were expanded. The efforts and camaraderie exhibited by all the volunteers throughout these last twenty-two (22) weeks has been great and demonstrates that by working together we can bring our community together while having fun and building friendships one block at a time.

Click here to view the Week 22 Clean Sweep Photos.

A huge thank you to Get it Done Rick Mervis, Energizer Bunny Sumiko Mukasa, to Ron (a.k.a Paul Bunion) & Marlene Wengler, Dick The Donut Man Rippey (Paul Bunion #2), The Engineer Ski Gonsowski, Awesome Teri Grossman, the Help my dad Sisters Bspice & Sammie J, Coffee Girl Juativa, Mike (a.k.a. Warren) Spurlock, the Young and Restless Martha, Glen, Robert Wilson, The Leaf Blowing Operator JoAnn Phillips

I would also like to thank Joann Phillips, Teri Grossman, and Dick Rippey for their hard work and commitment in cleaning up Wilbur Ave between Devonshire and Tuba Streets on Thursday morning. The efforts of the unknown individuals that cleaned up Chatsworth Street between Crebs & Wilbur Avenue in Northridge.

With your help and that of the new volunteers that have been increasingly stepping up and joining Operation Clean Sweep we are meeting the challenge to push back the blighted streets of this great city by demonstrating actions speak louder than words and that volunteering time and energy is fun and helps build a close knit neighborhood committed to a cleaner, greener and safer community that we all can be proud of.  Thank you.

PS: Next Saturday’s (12/4/10) operations will be shifting over to Wilbur Avenue where piles of Pine needles and Pine Cones are stacking up.

WEEK 23 PLANS: You are all invited this Saturday 12/4/10 (7AM to 11AM) to join in the trend setting efforts of the Northridge West Neighborhood Councils sponsored Operation Clean Sweep along the East side of Wilbur Avenue between the 118 Freeway and Kenya Street. This section of Wilbur is inundated with debris and needs your help in cleaning it up and making it shine.

This weekend’s mission will lead us off Tampa Avenue and onto Wilbur Avenue where many challenges lie ahead. The goal will be to clean the east side of Wilbur south of the 118 Freeway to Chatsworth Street, then march over to the north side of Plummer Street between Melvin to Corbin Street. Both of these locations are in desperate need of revival and with your help we can make them shine. So please tell your friends, neighbors or anyone you think that maybe interested in joining our dream team of dedicated volunteers committed to having fun, meeting new people and making Northridge a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work. Parking will be on Kenya Street along the east side of Wilbur Avenue. We will be starting around 7AM and meeting on the corner of Wilbur & Kenya just south of the 118 Freeway to review the battle for the Victory Bell between UCLA & USC over coffee, donuts, and bagels. Please contact me if you have any questions or need directions.

With your help we are demonstrating that as a united community we are stamping out unsightly areas within our neighborhoods by joining hands and working together one block at a time. So please come join us as we build new friendships, develop existing ones while having fun improving and building a closer and cleaner, safer community. Thank you

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

PS: Mark your calenders for Tuesday December 14th at 7PM for the Northridge West Neighborhood Council Holiday Board meeting at Beckford Elementary School (19130 Tulsa St Northridge CA 91326) for great food, refreshments and enjoyment.

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