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Northridge West Neigborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 19‏ Results

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

With the help of Beckford Elementary Students, Parents, Club Scout Pack 911 and the awesome group of stakeholder volunteers that volunteered for Operation Clean Sweep we were able to sweep clean both sides of Chatsworth Street between Vanalden to Tampa, the north side of Los Alimos Street between Vanalden to Beckford and west side of Vanalden Street between Los Alimos to Tulsa (South and East sides of Beckford Elementary School). One individual summed up this weekend’s events with – “Northridge Rocks”!

The dedication and hard work of these exceptional students, cub scouts, parents, and stakeholder volunteers produced over 120 bags of debris being swept up and removed from these streets exposing the beauty of Northridge and the individual stakeholders that make up Northridge. The excitement and hard work exhibited by the Beckford students in the morning and cub scouts in the afternoon along with the leadership and support of their parents and stakeholder volunteers was fantastic. The energy of the Beckford students was such that they blew right past our milestone of reaching Vanalden along Chatsworth and proceeded to head towards Wilbur Ave until they were instructed to turn around. While in the afternoon the Cub Scouts made it priority #1 to complimented the morning’s efforts with cleaning up all the debris around the south and east sides of Beckford Elementary School. Their efforts contributed another 12 bags of debris being swept up and bagged.

The dedication and commitment of these individuals is exceptional and inspired several individuals walking and driving by to stop inquire and join the operation. We also were honored to have several new stakeholders join Operation Clean Sweep this weekend stating they had seen us during prior events and wanted to contribute to the efforts of beautifying and unifying Northridge.

An AWESOME thank you goes out to all the Students and Parents of Beckford Elementary School, to Diane Segismundo & Fay Moss for all their efforts arranging and organizing the students and parents at Beckford, to Kelly Mattenson for ensuring the safety of the children, to Master Chef’s Steve Davies & Scott Goldman for their awesome single and double burger flipping skills, to the Energizer Bunny Sumiko Mukasa, to Ron (a.k.a Paul Bunion) & Marlene Wengler, Dick The Donut Man Rippey (Paul Bunion #2), dynamic duo Allen & Chris Williams, , Awesome Teri Grossman, the Help my dad Sisters Bspice & Sammie J Johnson, Coffee Girl Juativa,, Mike (a.k.a. Warren) Spurlock and their lovely children, the Young and Restless Martha, Glen, Robert Wilson, the Incredible Hulk (a.k.a Craig Michayluk) and his two lovely kids, Gary, Laura Kuykendall and their lovely children, Mike & Graham Kope and Kathleen (Sorry I didn’t get the last name) who were instrumental in making this weekend’s clean swept a success. Their efforts cleared clogged up storm drain, sidewalks and gutters littered with pines needles, pine cones, branches, leaves, shoots, bamboo, broken glass, etc. impeding the path of travel and creating safety hazards.

I would also like to thank Teri Grossman, JoAnn Phillips, Ron & Marlene for their dedicated commitment and hard work in cleaning up Devonshire Street between Wilbur and Vanalden on Thursday mornings. The efforts of Jamie and Sherry Ramstead for their efforts to beautify Wilbur Street between Nordhoff and Dearborn.

A special note of thank you to those individuals behind the scene helping to support Operation Clean Sweep – Councilman Greig Smith and his entire staff along with LA City Department of Sanitation for supplying the trash bags and picking up the piles of debris each weekend.

With your help and that of the new volunteers that are stepping up and joining Operation Clean Sweep we are meeting the challenge to push back the blighted streets of this great city by demonstrating actions speak louder than words and that volunteering time and energy is fun and helps build a close knit neighborhood committed to a cleaner, greener and safer community that we all can be proud of.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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