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NWNC Stakeholder Input Needed on Dog/Cat Ownership Limit Proposal

Northridge West Stakeholders,

Our Council District 12 Councilmember, Greig Smith, is asking for our input on an animal services motion that could impact pet owners across the City.

The motion, which is currently awaiting a decision in the Public Safety Committee, was introduced by Councilmember Bill Rosendahl (District 11). It requests that the City Attorney amend the Municipal Code to increase the allowed number of dogs and/or cats that a Los Angeles resident may own from three up to five.

The motion was continued pending an analysis and policy recommendation from the Board of Animal Services Commissioners and the Animal Services Department. The item was heard in Commission on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and was approved unanimously.

Proponents of this move suggest that increasing the limit would both reduce animal euthanasia in L.A. and increase pet licensing revenues. Opponents are concerned about the potential impact to quality of life that this increase could bring.

For your information, we have included a link to Councilmember Rosendahl’s motion.

In addition, here is the recent Animal Services Commission Agenda and supporting documents:

We would appreciate hearing the position of our stakeholders to get a good reading on the needs or concerns – specifically of the residents of our community – on this issue, and we are asking our stakeholders to vote their opinion in the poll below. Please consider the matter from the point of view of pet owners, animal rights, the quality of life of neighbors, and the impact on City revenues that go toward animal services.

This matter will be heard again in the Public Safety Committee in the first week of December.

Thank you.
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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This poll will close on November 23.

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