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Operation Northridge West Clean Sweep Along Tampa Week 10

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

Milestone Accomplished! On Saturday 9/04/10 NWNC and all the volunteers present reached the milestone goal of cleaning the entire west side of Tampa Avenue from Chatsworth to Plummer Streets and then began the march north along the east side of Tampa from Plummer to Halsted Street.

A special thank you to Rusty Fever, Shannon & Michelle Camacho, Juativa & Warren Spurlock, Martha, Glen, and Robert Wilson, Teri Grossmen, Jo Ann Phillips, the Johnson Sisters and Chris Williams with Remax Realty for your dedication and commitment to preserving Northridge as a great place to live and work. Because of your commitment and those of the many other volunteers that have sacrificed their Saturday mornings to attend our weekly Clean Sweep Operations I am proud to say that the west side of Tampa Avenue is now free of weeds two to four feet in height, broken car parts, bottles, glass, discarded plastic/Styrofoam cups, food containers, abandoned pipes, lumber, newspapers, social security cards, etc. that littered the sidewalks, gutters and blocked storm drains. Your efforts not only helped beautify Northridge but also assisted in preserving the safety of drivers along Tampa Avenue that have encountered flooding caused by cluttered debris within the storm drains during heavy rain storms.

In addition to the operations along Tampa Saturday, the operations along Reseda median just south of Lassen Street continues to improve as the attached Before and After pictures show that the sky high weeds, beer/wine bottles, hub caps, etc. are being replaced by the sight of green vegetation. These efforts will continue until the entire median is a bird of paradise for all those to see and appreciate.

Thank you for all your help these last ten weeks – together you demonstrated by your sweat and hard work that a community can make a difference when stakeholders step out and lend a helping hand to assist another neighbor.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

View photos from the day’s events here: https://www.northridgewest.org/photo-gallery/northridge-clean-sweep-week-10-september-4-2010/

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