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Northridge West Neigborhood Council Operation Clean Sweep – Week 12‏ September 18, 2010 (7AM-10AM)

To All Stakeholders of Northridge:

You are all invited this Saturday 9/18/10 (7AM to 10AM) to join in the trend setting efforts of the Northridge West Neighborhood Councils sponsored Operation Clean Sweep along the East side of Tampa Avenue from Superior to Lassen Streets. Saturday’s operations will expand on the accomplishments of prior weeks spoofing up operation along Tampa. With your continued help and commitment we the stakeholders of Northridge are making a difference each week in making Northridge a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work.

The present goal is to reach the 118 Freeway along the east side of Tampa Avenue by the middle or end of October then marching on to the next operation which will be announced within the next week or so. So please tell your friends, neighbors or anyone you think that maybe interested in joining a fine tuned team of dedicated volunteers committed to having fun, meeting new people and making Northridge a cleaner and greener place to live and work. Parking will be on Superior Street located on the east side of Tampa Ave. We will be starting around 7AM and meeting on the corner of Tampa & Superior Streets. Please contact me if you have any questions or need directions.

A small posse will be assembled to continue the cleanup efforts of the Reseda Blvd median just south of Lassen Street & the Fire Station. The restoration of this median is progressing each week as evident by the green shades of vegetation.

With your help we are demonstrating that as a community we are stamping out blighted areas within our neighborhoods by joining hands and working together. That’s what is making the difference – unity within the community. Thank you.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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