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Week 8 Recap: Operation Clean Sweep along Tampa — August 21, 2010

To all Northridge Stakeholders:

Excellent job to all the volunteers that came out for Saturday’s Northridge West Operation Clean Sweep along Tampa Avenue. This weekend’s operation was challenging given the heat and hard work involved to reach Superior Street in our march to Plummer Street.I would like to thank Martha, Glen and Robert Wilson, Teri Grossmen, Jo Ann Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Matthew Baird, Zack Williams, Juativa Spurlock, Robert Torosian, the Johnson Sisters and Chris Williams with Remax Realty for your unyielding commitment and endurance through the high temperatures to cleaning up one of Northridge’s main thoroughfares. With your help we are making a difference in the way Northridge looks by demonstrating that with stakeholder participation we make Northridge a cleaner & greener place to live and work.

A special thank you to Sonia & Nickolas Mendoza for their gracious support in providing all the volunteers with ice cold water and inspiration that kept us going.

In addition to the operations along Tampa Saturday, Northridge South Neighborhood Council Board Member Scott Sterling provided us assistance in our our quest to clean up the median along Reseda Blvd just south of Lassen. With water now back on, several of the bird of paradise plants are showing signs of life again. Though there is still much work to be performed to make the median representative of Northridge, we are proving that with a little sweat and hard work a planted median is a better alternative to a concrete or asphalt median.

Thank you for all your help together we will continue to make Northridge a cleaner and greener place to live and work.

Tom Johnson
Northridge West Neighborhood Council

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