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August 15, 2015 Northridge West Cleanup


See all of the photos from our successful Cleanup event at our Facebook page. (While you’re there, give the page a Like to keep up to date with local Northridge happenings!)


Under the scorching sun and high temps the glorious and wonderful individuals of Kiwanis Club of Northridge, the Angels of Northridge Christian Church along with Northridge West Neighborhood Council racked up 106 bags of debris along Chatsworth Street west of Wilbur and along Wilbur Street North and South of Chatsworth Street. The fun and excitement of working alongside friends, family, classmates, and neighbors was inspiring and encouraging. So plan to join us any Thursday from 8 to 11am or in November where we will be toasting to a smoking barbeque in celebration of NWNC Operation Clean Sweep’s commitment to keeping Northridge clean, safe, secure, and fun.

Tom Johnson
NWNC President


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